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Overview of Relay’s Partner Program

By Henry Fuz

Head of Product, Relay

Accountants and bookkeepers are at the heart of our day to day at Relay. Firms like yours play an outsized role in everything from our product development to how we provide customer support. 

At Relay, we know that an effective relationship between a small business owner and their advisor makes all the difference. That’s why Relay is designed to streamline the way you work with your clients on their finances. 

In 2020, you provided brilliant product feedback, helped us guide our marketing strategies, and brought thousands of small businesses to Relay. 

In 2021, we’re formalizing how much we value the community by launching the Relay Partner Program. The program provides more support for firms, offers powerful tools, and delivers lasting incentives for partnering with Relay.

Relay Partner Program Benefits And Tiers

Download the full partner guide (PDF)

Incentives beyond time savings

We know you have a lot of technology options for your firm so we’re thrilled to be included in your tech stack. And while we’re excited to help you improve processes and save time every month, we also want to align our success with yours by offering further incentives. 

We offer multiple benefits because we know every firm is unique. You earn a share of any dollars your clients spend on Relay cards, and you can earn discounts on our paid subscription products. 

The more clients you onboard, the deeper the discounts and the larger the revenue share. 

If your clients started using Relay prior to the launch of our program, you’ll receive your quarterly revenue share installments based on their spend in the 2021 calendar year.

Dedicated customer service

For your clients, the little things matter. That’s why we make sure that Relay partners have world-class customer service. You won’t have to go through a telephone tree or an obstacle course to get your problem resolved. We'll get you the answers you need quickly.

You also get concierge-style onboarding for new referrals so you can recommend clients with confidence.

Partner assets to differentiate your firm

All of our partners get access to Relay assets in order to help differentiate their firm online. You’ll also get early access to free resources created by the Relay team to help you run your practice. 

If you already have 3 or more clients on Relay, you can email to claim your premium partner badge. 

Download the full partner guide (PDF)

How can I join the partner program?

If your firm is already on Relay, you’re automatically a part of our partner program. You don’t need to take any further action.

If you're new to Relay, you can request a brief demo here and create your account here.