Offering accounts payable as a service

Want to unlock deeper client value and new revenue streams for your firm?

37% of small businesses want their accountant or bookkeeper to provide AP services — yet not all do. That’s because AP is often manual, expensive, or just too complicated.

This step-by-step guide outlines an efficient, cost-effective and secure framework to offer AP automation to clients. Learn the fundamentals of AP automation, best practices for a scalable AP process, and how to package and promote your new AP services to your clients.

Workflow checklist + marketing email template included.

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Build stronger client relationships with AP automation

AP is a huge pain for business owners — it's time-consuming and expensive. As an advisor, you can play a key role in reducing this pain for your small-business clients, while fostering deeper, more consistent service relationships.

Here's what you'll learn in this guide:

  • Why AP is such a massive opportunity for firms
  • The basics of AP automation
  • A simple, affordable workflow for offering AP
  • Tools for pricing and marketing your AP services
  • A checklist to get your AP services off the ground

Ready to explore accounts payable?

See how AP can benefit your firm and your clients.