Mismanaged inventory can sink an otherwise promising business. In e-commerce, it costs you opportunities, eats into your profits, and plunges some businesses deep into debt. So, what's the golden ticket to the world of stress-free inventory and sustainable profitability?

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On 🗓 Tuesday, August 15th, at 2:30 p.m. ET, join us for an exclusive webinar with Cyndi Thomason, President of Bookskeep, Profit First Professional since 2014, and best-selling Author of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers. With years of experience guiding online sellers to financial freedom, Cyndi has helped countless clients navigate inventory and make profit a permanent habit. 💪

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Through a blend of proven strategies, real-world examples, and actionable insights, Cyndi will illuminate the path to mastering inventory cash flow, controlling operating expenses, and transforming your business into a profitable venture.

In the webinar:

  • 🎢 Understanding the Maze of Profit: Learn the why and how of making a profit, backed by real-life stories and clear strategies to think differently about profit.

  • 🧩 Parkinson’s Law in Business: Uncover how Parkinson's law impacts business finances and how understanding this principle can lead to more effective money management.

  • 🏦 Profit First for E-commerce: Discover the simple steps you can take with your checking accounts to have clear visibility into profits, inventory funds, and operating expenses.

  • 💼 Journey to Success: Follow the transformational story of Mark, a private label Amazon Seller, who overcame financial obstacles, grew his cash by 23%, paid off credit cards monthly, and saw a 500% growth in owner's pay.

  • 🧰 Practical Action Steps: Cyndi will walk you through a series of practical steps to create new banking accounts, manage Amazon payouts, watch operating expenses, and make the Profit First method work for your business.

  • 🌦️ Preparing for Rainy Days: Learn how to build a rainy-day fund and how it can save your business during unexpected challenges.

  • 💡 Debt-free E-commerce Growth: If you're an e-commerce seller looking to grow without relying on credit cards or loans—and want to achieve personal and business goals with confidence—Cyndi's insights are tailored for you.

  • 🎁 Q&A Session: Have specific questions about your financial struggles? Get them answered in a live Q&A session.

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About Cyndi Thomason

Cyndi Thomason is the President of Bookskeep—a firm that helps e-commerce sellers grow profits and gain confidence in their numbers. She is also the author of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers, and a Certified Profit First Professional since 2014.

About How to Cash Flow

How to Cash Flow is a webinar series by Relay and Profit First Professionals. In each webinar, we equip you with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to get cash flow clarity and run sustainable, profitable businesses.

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