Connect your Relay bank accounts with QuickBooks Online

Relay auto-syncs your banking data with QuickBooks Online to make paying bills and reconciling accounts fast, easy, and reliable.
  • No fees or minimum balances
  • ACH, wire, and check payments
  • Unlimited users with controlled permissions
  • Powerful payables and approval workflows
  • Physical and virtual debit Mastercards
  • Direct, real-time QuickBooks Online bank feed
  • Up to 20 checking accounts
  • World-class customer support

Banking designed to make your accounting easier, not harder


Powerful, built-in payables to help you save time

Auto-import unpaid bills from QuickBooks Online, set-up approval workflows, schedule payments, and pay via ACH, wire, or check. You can also invite your team, accountant or bookkeeper to collaborate. Once a bill is paid, the transaction is auto-synced with QuickBooks Online for one-click reconciliation.


A direct bank feed you can trust

Not many banks share a direct connection with QuickBooks Online. Relay, however, is one of them. We share reliable, enriched transaction data (including category) with QuickBooks Online in real-time, helping you reconcile accounts faster and increase visibility into your cashflow.


Controlled access for your team, accountant, or bookkeeper

Empower your team by issuing physical or virtual Mastercard debit cards with spending limits and collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper by inviting them as users with assigned permissions.


Open multiple accounts without the fees or minimum balances

Whether you want to open accounts for each of your transaction categories or you’re implementing your five foundational accounts (Income, Profit, Owner Comp, Tax, OpEx), we’ve got you covered. Relay helps you stay on top of your cashflow with as many bank accounts as you need, without the hidden fees.

Connect Relay with QuickBooks Online in a few easy steps

Select QuickBooks Online from the list of integrations in the Relay settings menu

Enter your QuickBooks Online credentials and select the organization

Select the Relay accounts you’d like to connect to QuickBooks Online

"By letting my clients open as many purpose-built bank accounts as they need [without the fees or minimum balances], Relay helps give them better financial visibility. It’s like having a dashboard for their cash."
Cyndi Thomason
CEO/Founderbookskeep - Ecommerce Financial Solutions

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