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  • 5 stars

    Banking Service with a Soul

    "Beautifully executed great service all around. Awesome, user-oriented approach. The profoundly knowledgeable and caring customer support breathes soul into the historically bland banking industry."


  • 5 stars

    Easy, Trustworthy Experience!

    "I'm a new small business and was dreading the account set up process. Relay was recommended to me by a friend and I'm already so glad to be banking with them. The set up process was very easy and I got efficient and friendly support for the 1 question I had during the application. Since then, it's been easy to manage my account, accept and send funds, and share account information with my team as needed."


  • 5 stars


    "The way the bank is set up with the features and abilities, its great. I love how you can move money around and make bank changes quickly and easily. they have a ton of amazing attributes. The fact that you can start a business account with no money and you don't have to have a minimum balance, WHAT? that's great. They do have a BUNCH of amazing points to the positive that I'm not going to list all (check out videos or read FAQs)."

    Rian Moore

  • 5 stars

    Relay has been fantastic from day 1

    "The setup was seamless with a clear set of easy steps. We wanted to get another account with a local bank branch, but once we started operating, we have not had the need to get another account. We run our entire operation from Relay and recommend them to our customers too."


  • 5 stars

    Best bank for Profit First Companies

    "As a Profit First Professional, I have a lot of clients that ask me for help when setting up their Profit First accounts. Relay is phenomenal. Not only is it easy to set up and use, the ability to make one transfer to multiple accounts and divide it up by percentages is life-changing. The transaction detail, virtual cards, and accountant access are simply icing on the cake! I highly recommend setting up your account(s) ASAP"

    Lydia Joy Paasch

  • 5 stars

    Relay is the BEST bank I have ever used

    "Relay is the BEST bank I have ever used and it helps with my profit first approach to my business. I am dreaming that they soon create a personal checking option. I would 10/10 recommend Relay. Everything is so simple."

    Sarah Bennett

  • 5 stars

    Exactly what we needed!

    "The system does everything we need and super easy to work with. We follow the Profit First financial model and we have multiple businesses. Each business has an account with several sub accounts so we can separate and manage money more effectively."

    Jake Marsh

  • 5 stars

    Wow. Not Your Average Customer Care.

    "Yep. The smart folks at Relay have put their best and brightest on the front lines, rather than bean counting in the back. Thank you, Management and C-Suite individuals who have invested in us, the customer, by giving us the absolute BEST customer care in the industry. [...] I'm actually excited about banking with your company for years."


  • 5 stars

    I chose this bank for my business because it filled all the boxes.

    "The simplicity combined with great features is just amazing. The onboarding experience was also top notch where a personal consultant took an hour to set up everything and answer any question. I highly recommend this bank. It's the best banking experience I've ever had."

    Marc Green

  • 5 stars

    The Best Expense Management Platform Hands Down

    "When my company was searching for an expense management system, we looked in all the wrong places - Brex, Divvy, Airbase. Relay has been a game changer for our expense management. We can create up to 50 expense accounts with a debit card attached to each account. Every team member has access to only the accounts they need to manage. I wish we found Relay much earlier. Our bookkeeper loves the ease of doing our books with Relay connected to our Quickbooks and each individual expense account focused on just one type of expense. I highly highly highly recommend Relay"

    Chinyere Ukomad

  • 5 stars

    Profit First Banking at its Best

    "Relay is the perfect bank for a business with the profit first system in mind. This is banking at a whole new level."

    Jacob Portalatin

  • 5 stars

    A need for every small business

    "Simple application process. Great user friendly online banking. As a small business owner, this kind of service is awesome. Thanks Relay!"

    Matthew King

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