Money is your means to make it

Relay knows cash flow clarity creates healthier, lasting businesses.
That’s why we’re building business banking to put you in control of your money.

Running a business isn’t easy.

It takes guts. Grit.

And yes: it takes money.

That’s where

Relay comes in.

We’re business banking created for companies like yours.

The ones where every dollar counts. Where you framed your first sales order. Where you’re hiring your 3rd, 5th or 12th employee.

And where cash flow challenges can mean the difference between paying bills or paying yourself.

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Relay is an
all-in-one business banking and money management platform to understand what you’re earning, spending and saving.

so you can make
the best money decisions
for your business.

Money plays a thrilling, stressful, sometimes tedious—yet always critical—role in growing a business.

So we’ve changed our look to better reflect those everyday realities and we’re building tools to simplify how money moves through your business.


We're with you for
the long haul

Small businesses deserve top-tier financial tooling that works as hard for their money as they do. It’s why we at Relay show up daily — to equip them with the means to make it.

Relaying the message

What small businesses are
saying about Relay

Great Experience!

"We have had a great experience with Relay and I plan to use this for my businesses moving forward. It makes it very easy to add accounts, cards, users, vendors, etc. I can separate our cash with certain projects or initiatives so that our budgets are already set. All around, very solid company that I look forward to working with in the coming years."