How Relay adds up


All the business banking essentials without a monthly fee.

  • Bank without account fees, overdraft fees or minimum balances

  • Create up to 20 individual checking accounts (including 2 savings accounts)

  • Issue 50 virtual or physical Visa® Debit Cards

  • Payments via ACH transfer, check and wire

  • Deposit and withdraw cash at Allpoint ATMs

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online and Xero

Relay Pro

Everything in Relay… plus accounts payable, faster ACH and free wire payments.

  • Get faster, same-day ACH and free outgoing wires

  • Auto-import bills from QuickBooks Online or Xero

  • Review, approve and pay all bills in one dashboard

  • Create single- or multi-step approval rules for bill payments

  • Consolidate payments to the same vendor into a single transaction

Which Relay is right
for you?

Core BankingRelayRelay Pro
Monthly checking account fees$0$0
Minimum balance$0$0
Overdraft fees$0$0
Bounced checks$0$0
Number of checking accounts
Number of savings accounts 22
Recurring transfers between checking accounts
Percentage-based auto-transfer rules
Number of physical or virtual Debit Visa®5050
Cash deposits and withdrawals at AllPoint ATMs$0$0
Secure, role-based access for team members
Spending limits for team members
24/7 customer support
Sending & Receiving FundsRelayRelay Pro
In- and outgoing ACH transfers$0$0
ACH delivery times1-2 DaysSame Day
Mobile check deposits
Mailed check payments
Third-party check books
Outgoing domestic wires$5$0
Incoming domestic wires$0$0
Outgoing international wires$10$0
Incoming international wires$0$0
Currency exchange for outgoing international wires
IntegrationsRelayRelay Pro
QuickBooks Online
Receipt managementRelayRelay Pro
Receipt collection policy
Receipt upload via mobile and desktop
Email forwarding of receipts
SMS receipt reminders at time of purchase
Accounts PayableRelayRelay Pro
Auto-import bills from QuickBooks Online & Xero-
One intuitive dashboard to review, approve and pay bills-
Automated, multi-step bill approval rules-
Consolidated payments to a vendor into one transaction-
One-click reconciliation for paid bills in QuickBooks Online and Xero-
Accountants & BookkeepersRelayRelay Pro
Client portal
Role-based access for firm staff
Partner Program
Banking Partner Certification