How Relay adds up


All the business banking essentials without a monthly fee.

  • Bank without account fees, overdraft fees or minimum balances

  • Create up to 20 individual checking accounts (including 2 savings accounts)

  • Issue 50 virtual or physical Visa® Debit Cards

  • Payments via ACH transfer, check and wire

  • Deposit and withdraw cash at Allpoint ATMs

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online and Xero

Relay Pro

Everything in Relay… plus accounts payable, faster ACH and free wire payments.

  • Get faster, same-day ACH and free outgoing wires

  • Auto-import bills from QuickBooks Online or Xero

  • Review, approve and pay all bills in one dashboard

  • Create single- or multi-step approval rules for bill payments

  • Consolidate payments to the same vendor into a single transaction

Which Relay is right
for you?

Core BankingRelayRelay Pro
Monthly checking account fees$0$0
Minimum balance$0$0
Overdraft fees$0$0
Bounced checks$0$0
Number of checking accounts
Number of savings accounts 22
Recurring transfers between checking accounts
Percentage-based auto-transfer rules
Number of physical or virtual Debit Visa®5050
Cash deposits and withdrawals at AllPoint ATMs$0$0
Secure, role-based access for team members
Spending limits for team members
24/7 customer support
Sending & Receiving FundsRelayRelay Pro
In- and outgoing ACH transfers$0$0
ACH delivery times1-2 DaysSame Day
Mobile check deposits
Mailed check payments
Outgoing domestic wires$5$0
Incoming domestic wires$0$0
Outgoing international wires$10$0
Incoming international wires$0$0
Currency exchange for outgoing international wires
IntegrationsRelayRelay Pro
QuickBooks Online
Accounts PayableRelayRelay Pro
Auto-import bills from QuickBooks Online & Xero-
One intuitive dashboard to review, approve and pay bills-
Automated, multi-step bill approval rules-
Consolidated payments to a vendor into one transaction-
One-click reconciliation for paid bills in QuickBooks Online and Xero-
Accountants & BookkeepersRelayRelay Pro
Client portal
Role-based access for firm staff
Partner Program
Banking Partner Certification