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The Best Side Hustles That Pay Weekly in 2024

By Haley Davidson

Founder & Content Strategist, Gaia Content

If you’re tired of searching endless job boards and sweating it out in your full-time job, it may be time for a change. Have you considered taking on a side hustle? 🤔

Side hustles are a great way to meet your financial goals and pursue your passions. Many side hustles only require an Internet connection and some spare time, and you won’t be alone - 45% of working Americans have a side hustle of some kind! 🤯

This article is perfect for budding entrepreneurs and soon-to-be freelancers who are looking for a way to make some extra cash. Additionally, the side hustles we’ve found pay on a weekly basis (or even more frequently), making them super flexible. 🤑

If the following ideas don’t work for you, but you still want to start your own business and earn extra income, check out this article about starting a business when you have no ideas.

Let’s dive into the 7 best weekly-paying side hustles of 2024. These side hustles can be part-time or full-time, depending on what you need. We’ve included information about payment frequency, potential earnings, how to get started, and more! 🫶

In this article:

Overview: Side hustles that pay weekly

Side Hustle

Earning Potential

Payment Frequency


Online Tutoring




Food Delivery or Rideshare Driver




Side Gigs




Babysitting or House Sitting


Every two days or more frequent


Freelance Writing and Content Creation


Weekly or more frequent


Dog Walking or Pet Sitting


Every two days or more frequent


Online Surveys


Weekly or more frequent


What is a side hustle? ✍️

A side hustle, side job, or side gig is a second (or even third) source of income that many people choose to embrace. Side hustles tend to be very attractive to many, given their flexibility and potential to money on your own schedule. 📅

The online aspect is important to earning extra money. Many lucrative side hustles can be managed completely from home like an online business, which makes it easy to start, pause, or change. 👍

Should I take on a side hustle?  ✅

The most obvious benefit of taking on a side hustle is the personal finance aspect. While having only a full-time job or only a gig economy job can be stressful (for instance, it’s hard to earn a steady income with the gig economy), having both can really help your finances and boost your income. 💸

Additionally, side hustles often allow you to explore different jobs and passions without having to take large risks. You can try new skills without having to leave the safety of your full-time job.

So, if you’re looking for extra income or want to expand your skillset, then you’re in the right place. Now let’s find the perfect side hustle for you! 

What should I look for in a side hustle? 🤔

Every side hustle has its pros and cons. You’ll want to find a side hustle that works for you. What’s perfect for you isn’t necessarily perfect for everyone, and vice versa. These criteria will help you decide if a particular side hustle is right for you.

Earning potential 💵

Earning potential largely depends on how much time you dedicate to your side hustle. However, certain side hustles tend to have more earning potential than others. The ones with the highest earning potential generally require certain skills, but not always.

Payment frequency 📆

At a minimum, the side hustles on this list all have weekly payouts. Some pay more frequently, while others have options to pay less frequently. Which side hustle payment structure you choose depends on what kind of financial situation you’re in, so again, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal.

Flexibility 🤸‍♀️

The explosion of the Internet’s popularity has made side hustles more flexible than ever. The ability to make money online with websites or apps is another benefit of side hustles. Still, some side hustles are more flexible than others in terms of time commitment or assignments, so make sure you like the flexibility that a particular side hustle offers.

Time commitment ⏱

Again, the more time you sink into your side hustle, the more money you have the potential to earn. Some side hustles have more time requirements than others as a starting point, so depending on how much extra time you have throughout the week, choose your side hustle carefully.

7 side hustles that pay weekly in 2024 

Using side hustles can bring in extra cash and give you a feeling of security and freedom. We've put together a list of the top 7 side hustles for 2024 with guaranteed weekly pay, including: 

  1. 🧑‍🏫 Online tutoring

  2. 🚗 Become a food delivery driver or rideshare driver

  3. 🛠 Gig economy services

  4. 🏠 Babysitting or house-sitting

  5. ✒️ Freelance writing or content creation

  6. 🐶 Dog walking or pet sitting

  7. 📝 Take online surveys

Let's dive in!

Side Hustle #1: Online tutoring 🧑‍🏫

If you’ve got skills or knowledge in a particular topic or subject, you can teach! Tutoring online is a flexible way to make a sizeable extra income. Tutoring websites typically allow you to set your rates, and most (but not all) will take a small percentage of that per-session fee. For example, if you teach English lessons for $35/hour, you may take home $30/hour after the website takes its share.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $500-$1000

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Weekly

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: High

  • Time Commitment: Medium

Tutoring jobs are super flexible, as you can take on any number of students in virtually any kind of subject or topic. You can set lesson times and teach people from all over the world. Examples of online tutoring platforms where you can register to become a tutor or teacher include SuperProf and Varsity Tutors.

Just remember that your success on these platforms is largely determined by your rating and the number of lessons you’ve taught. The more students you teach, the better your income!

Side Hustle #2: Become a food delivery driver or rideshare driver 🚗

Signing up as a delivery driver or rideshare driver is easier than ever, and there are so many options. All you need is a vehicle (it can even be a bike or e-scooter for food delivery) and the relevant license/insurance required for your vehicle.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $500-$850

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Weekly

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: Low

  • Time Commitment: Medium

You won’t have much choice or flexibility in what services you provide, unfortunately, but it’s really easy to get started as a driver. Companies such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart for food delivery can get you started in as little as a day, or you could drive others around with rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft.

Your work will typically look like accepting an order, picking it (or a person) up, and driving to the desired location. Customers can add tips both before and after your services, so make sure you’re courteous to others while you’re driving and after you deliver the food.

Side Hustle #3: Gig economy services 🛠

If you have a skill that can be easily marketed to others, you could join the side gig economy! Skills that people are looking for include graphic design, basic home fixes, and virtual assistants. You can easily sign up on an app or website to pitch your services, and people can chat with you and pay you through the platform.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $500-$850

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Weekly

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: High

  • Time Commitment: Medium

Gig workers have complete flexibility to choose what jobs they want to take and which clients they want to work with. Apps like Fiverr, Upwork, or Angie’s List can help you get started. Usually, you can be cleared to work on projects the same or next day.

You may be required to go through a background check or ID check to verify your identity, but that’s usually the only verification you have to go through. Your success is also partially determined by reviews on most platforms.

Side Hustle #4: Babysitting or house-sitting 🏠

If you know families with kids or people going on vacations soon, you could become a babysitter or house sitter! Babysitting and house-sitting are all about word of mouth, but once you have clientele, they’ll likely come back to you again and again. If you’re responsible with kids or property, you’ll be able to earn well in this side hustle in no time.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $350-$500

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Two days or more frequent

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: Medium

  • Time Commitment: Medium

Babysitting and house-sitting are fairly flexible. You’ll have to work with the parents’ or the property owners’ schedules, but you do have options in terms of what clients you take on and how many days or nights you sit for.

If you want to look more attractive to potential clients, consider a CPR certification or a background check to help you stand out among potential sitters.

Side Hustle #5: Freelance writing or content creation ✒️

In the digital age, quality content creation is becoming more important than ever. If you have writing skills or social media account management skills, you could become a freelance writer or social media manager. This is another job you can do as you work from home.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $250-$1000

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Weekly or more frequent

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: Medium

  • Time Commitment: Medium

Getting started with freelance content creation can be difficult as you reach out to potential clients, but you can get started with the gig economy platforms we’ve mentioned above. You could also become a blogger and make money through affiliate marketing if you find a niche particular to your expertise.

Your day-to-day will likely look like drafting, editing, and proofreading content for articles, blog posts, and social media posts. You could work from anywhere with an Internet connection, which is very flexible. One day, you might even be able to scale your freelance business into a creative agency!

Side Hustle #6: Dog walking or pet sitting 🐶

If you’re a dog or pet lover, there’s money to be made in taking care of animals! Dog walkers and pet sitters enjoy interacting with dogs, cats, and even more exotic pets like birds and reptiles in their side hustles. People will pay you for daily walks or overnight stays with their beloved pets.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $250-$350

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Two days or more frequent

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: High

  • Time Commitment: Medium

Like babysitting, this side hustle is pretty flexible as you can take on as many or as few clients as you like in a given period. You can also increase the probability of being selected as a client by getting certifications in pet CPR and emergency measures.

Apps like Rover can help you get started as a dog walker or sitter. They’ll typically have you do a quick background check and list your relevant pet care experience to help you get started.

Side Hustle #7: Take online surveys 📝

Did you know that you can get paid for your opinion on certain products and designs? Taking online surveys is on the easy side of side hustles, and certain surveys or design tests can even pay more than your regular job per hour.

  • 💵 Average Weekly Earnings: $100-$200

  • 📆 Payment Frequency: Weekly or more frequent

  • 🤸‍♀️ Flexibility: High

  • Time Commitment: Low

If you’ve got some time to spare in your day-to-day life, try sites like Survey Junkie and User Interviews. After making an account and filling in your demographic information, they’ll match you to surveys you may qualify for. Some surveys take less than 10 minutes for lower pay, and others involve 1-on-1 talks with researchers for longer, resulting in higher pay.

The longer you spend doing surveys, the higher the payout will be, and payouts are typically either by direct deposit or gift cards to virtually anywhere, including Amazon, Target, and other major retailers.

The bottom line

Side hustles offer a ton of opportunities for folks looking to boost income, pick up new skills, or dive into their passions. Whether you're using your talents in the gig economy, pet sitting, creating content from home, or taking online surveys, there's a side gig for everyone. The key to success is finding something that matches your interests, skills, and lifestyle. It not only improves your finances but also gives you satisfaction from work that aligns with your goals and values. 

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