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The 14 funniest #TaxTwitter & #Accounting tweets of 2020

By Henry Fuz

Head of Product, Relay

Unless your last name starts with a B and rhymes with Pesos, it’s unlikely that 2020 is a year you'd want to relive.

For many, last year felt like bobbing and weaving through a flurry of jabs. Just like a boxing match, that is, if boxing were officiated by the IRS and subject to rule changes every round.

Thankfully, through the onslaught of curveballs, we could rely on a few bright and boisterous corners of the internet for much-needed laughs, namely: #TaxTwitter and #Accounting

In the spirit of remembering the bright spots from last year, here are our picks for the funniest accounting and tax-related tweets of 2020.

Note: if these tweets aren't showing up as tweet previews try refreshing the page!

The real government stimulus

Monopoly is life

Hold the phone… you’re not the IRS?

Did you check your spam?

Just making sure you’re aware

Might be guilty of this one...

Don't expect my fax machine to work

We’ve all been there

The real fake news

The hero we deserve: accounting TikTok

Every. Single. Time.

The verdict is in: #TaxTwitter > #TaxIG

You could do it yourself

Homeschooling had its benefits!

Hope you enjoyed this little collection of some of our favorite moments from 2020! We're already assembling our favorites from 2021 so keep your head on a swivel!

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