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Relay selected as a CIX Top 10 Growth Award winner, recognizing the most innovative tech companies in Canada

By Eleni Deacon

VP of Marketing, Relay

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Relay has been named a CIX TOP 10 Growth Award-winning company for 2024. Presented by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, the award recognizes the most innovative tech startups in Canada.

Being recognized as a CIX TOP 10 Growth company is an incredible honor, and it fuels our commitment to drive true cash flow clarity for small businesses. At Relay, we’re on a mission to increase the success rate of small businesses by giving them the banking tools they need to thrive.

Building those tools hasn’t always been easy, but we’re incredibly proud of the work our team has done to make Relay the leading digital bank for employer SMBs and their teams across the United States. In fact, Relay is the only banking platform offering truly collaborative banking to U.S. small businesses, alongside robust cash management features that enable them to move their day-to-day money management away from unsupportive traditional institutions. 

“We're proud to be named as a CIX Top 10 Growth winner among such other leading Canadian tech companies,” said our CEO and co-founder, Yoseph West. “We set out to solve the biggest problem small businesses face: cash flow. Most small businesses only have enough cash on hand to last 27 days if revenue dried up. With Relay, small businesses get real-time cash flow visibility and control in their banking, so they can manage their money more effectively and build resilient, long-term businesses.” 

“To be recognized for that work fuels our ambition to redefine what's possible in the fintech landscape, driving growth not just for Relay but for the businesses we proudly serve.”

Over the past year, we’ve been turning up the dial on our initiatives to help small businesses thrive:

  • We introduced Automated Savings Accounts with up to 3% APY, so owners can earn with greater flexibility when setting aside money for predictable expenses, like taxes or capital expenditures 

  • We debuted our exclusive banking partnership with Profit First, a cash management methodology by author and small business expert Mike Michalowicz, to provide high-value cash flow education and insights for small businesses

  • We launched cash management automation tools—like auto transfer rules—to automatically allocate funds to appropriate categories

  • We put the spotlight on small businesses with our Reasons To Be Profitable Contest, offering up $100,000 in prizes to exceptional small businesses with a commitment to profitability

  • We doubled down on our partnership with the accountant and bookkeeper community through our new and improved Partner Program, giving advisors the tools they need to accelerate their firm’s growth and strengthen client relationships

To be recognized for the work we do is an incredible honor, but our focus will never waver from our mission to help small businesses thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape. 

Here’s to many more years of business banking innovation! 🥂